Peak Demand

If there was one problem that has shown up at times in the distribution of power to the many corners of the OCEC service area, it might be the infrequent low voltage during peak demand scenarios. During our cold weather months and during the holiday season of Christmas and New Years, the Valley is packed with people who then all turn on the heat and other appliances in the morning which causes a significant “peaking” of required electricity. This peak can overload the system components and cause a low voltage situation in certain areas. OCEC has been monitoring this issue and has made system changes to mitigate this issue. It would still help however, if members chose to manage and limit their individual peak demands on the system. OCEC does not currently have a demand charge on its G1 and G2 service class accounts or time of use charge on any of its accounts. The following are some links that define peak demand and give ways to control it…

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